Final 2019 Cotton Crop Numbers

Clint Thompson Alabama, Cotton, Florida, Georgia, USDA-NASS


The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agriculture Statistics Service (NASS) has released the final production figures from the 2019 cotton crop. Chris Singh, with NASS in Washington, D.C., reports the crop was up 8% from 2018.

The 2019 final all cottonproduction was estimated at 19.9 million 480-pound bales, up 8% from the 2018 crop. The United States all cotton yield was estimated at 823 pounds per acre, down 59 pounds from the previous year. Record-high production was estimated in Florida and Virginia.

Upland cotton production was estimated at 19.2 million 480-pound bales, up 9% from the 2018 crop. The United States upland cotton yield was estimated at 810 pounds per acre, down 55 pounds from 2018.

Final production in Georgia totaled 2.74 million bales, up 40% from the previous season. In Alabama, production totaled 1.03 million bales, an increase of 16% from 2018. In Florida, 205,000 bales were produced, up 99%, nearly double the previous year.

In summary, the final 2019 all cotton production estimate for the United States was 19.9 million bales, up 8% from the 2018 crop.

This is Chris Singh with the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service.