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Michael Rogers

CHMAs Reducing HLB-Spreading Citrus Psyllids 50-60%
The coordinated grower sprays within citrus health management areas (CHMAs) have reduced HLB-spreading psyllids by 50-60 percent in a year, University of Florida entomologist Michael Rogers reports. Rogers, speaking at this week’s Florida Citrus Growers’ Institute in Avon Park, says there are still psyllid hotspots where all growers are not participating in CHMAs. He predicts the CHMA program will pay off big in the future by protecting newly planted young trees from HLB infection, allowing them to become productive. Hear more and read additional Florida Citrus Growers’ Institute coverage.

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Carson Futch

Robin Bryant

Lots of Learning at Mechanical Harvesting Event
More than 150, many from other countries, attended the recent International Symposium on Mechanical Harvesting and Handling Systems of Fruits and Nuts in Lake Alfred. Florida citrus harvester Carson Futch says he learned about a device used in another industry in another country that might be used in Florida citrus. Florida consultant Robin Bryant shares some things she learned, and tells why she isn’t surprised by a downturn in the amount of Florida citrus acreage that is harvested mechanically. Listen to their reports.

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Californians Interested In Citrus Turn Out for HLB Meeting
Production Forecasts Change for California Citrus
Bhutan: Mandarin Crop Destroyed

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Grower Preregistration Now Open
Planning is underway for the seminar programs at Citrus Expo, set for Aug. 15-16. Growers may preregister online now. Get the details.

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Leigh Killeen

New OJ Ads and Shopper Marketing
Florida Department of Citrus Deputy Executive Director Leigh Killeen discusses proposed new orange juice TV commercials and shopper marketing programs in retail stores. Hear her report.

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April 17 Citrus Research and Development Foundation’s Finance & Audit Committee Meeting, Citrus Research and Development Foundation office, Lake Alfred, contact Audrey Nowicki at 863-956-5894 or

April 18 Citrus Research and Development Foundation’s Commercial Product Development Committee Meeting, Citrus Research and Education Center, Lake Alfred, contact Audrey Nowicki at 863-956-5894 or

April 18 Highlands Citrus Grower Forum, Bert J. Harris Jr. Ag Center, Sebring, contact Tim Hurner at 863-402-7150 or

April 24 University of Florida Stone Fruit Field Day, Plant Sciences Research and Education Unit, Citra

May 7-10 Aquatic Weed Control Short Course, Coral Springs Marriott Hotel, Golf Club, and Convention Center, Coral Springs

May 9 Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association Labor Issues Meeting, USDA/ARS U.S. Horticultural Laboratory, Fort Pierce

May 19 Farm Safety Day, Southwest Florida Research & Education Center, Immokalee, contact Mongi Zekri at or 863-674-4092

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