Agri View: Family Food Security

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Everett Griner talks about food security problems created for families in today’s Agri View.       Sponsored ContentNuseed Carinata Covers New GroundJuly 15, 2024CIR Agriculture Harvester ProductsJuly 1, 2024TriEst Ag Group: Partners in ProfitabilityApril 1, 2024

Ireland Tops U.S. in Food Security

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For the first time, the United States has dropped from the top spot in a global ranking of how well countries can feed their own people. A new ranking shows Ireland now as the world’s most food secure nation, with the U.S. the second most food-secure nation. Bloomberg reports the drop in food security for the U.S. can be attributed …

Global Food Insecurity Expected to Drop

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The USDA’s Economic Research Service recently issued a report showing a projected drop in global food insecurity. The drop is expected to be significant over the next decade. The report evaluates the food security status and outlook over the next ten years for 76 low-and-middle-income countries that either were or are still recipients of food aid. Projections show rising incomes …