FL FB President Nominee

Randall Weiseman Florida, General

The Florida Farm Bureau Federation will be electing a new president in October and the board’s nominee is John Hoblick of Volusia county. Report (1:00 wma)

Sweet September

Randall Weiseman Specialty Crops

September is National Honey Month and the National Honey Board has been reminding consumers this month about the importance of honey. Report (1:00 wma)

Disaster Aid Important For Cotton

Randall Weiseman Cotton, Georgia

The cotton harvest in Georgia is on schedule, but the crop is looking bad and it appears that disaster aid from Congress may be delayed until after the elections, according to Richey Seaton with the Georgia Cotton Commission. Report (1:00 wma)

Energy Offset Deadline Extension

Randall Weiseman Alabama, General, USDA-NRCS

NRCS has extended the deadline for one-time payment adjustments that will allow eligible Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) participants to complete conservation practices that have been delayed because of higher energy costs. Find out more on the AL NRCS website. Report (1:00 wma)

FL Beef Checkoff Provides Info for Dieticians

Randall Weiseman Beef, Florida

The beef checkoff works in may ways and the Chairman of the Florida Beef Council discusses how they partner with one group to get the healthy message about beef out to many.   Report (1:00 wma)

Peanut Crop Rated Low

Randall Weiseman Peanuts

Tyron Spearman has a look at the latest peanut crop numbers.  Report (1:00 wma)

USDA Citrus Stats Admin on Progress of Crop Count

Dan Citrus

USDA Citrus Statistics Administrator Bob Terry comments on the progress of the crop count for the upcoming 06-07 season, and about the high degree of anticipation for this year’s official USDA citrus crop forecast.  Report (1:00 wma) USDA NASS