Feds Feed Families Program Milestone

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The Feds Feed Families Program reaches a food donation milestone. Gary Crawford has that coming up in today’s This Land of Ours report.

Feds Feed Families Program

“I wanted to come down from my office today, first of all, to thank everybody who’s participating in the campaign for a job well done,” said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.

The campaign is the Feds Feed Families campaign in which this past summer, thousands of federal employee volunteers across the country worked in all sorts of ways to encourage donations of food to food banks, pantries, and kitchens. Feds Feed Families has been doing that work every year since 2009 and at closing ceremonies for the summer campaign, Vilsack announced that the program hit a record. In the 14 years it’s been operating, Feds Feed Families has resulted in food donations of 118 million pounds.

“We understand and appreciate how significant this program is and how vital it is and how proud we are that we have stepped up for 14 consecutive years,” Vilsack said.

Listen to Sabrina Halvorson’s This Land Of Ours program here.

Feds Feed Families Program Milestone

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