Deadlines Approaching for AIM for Climate Components

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Some important deadlines are coming up for USDA climate programs. Rod Bain has more in today’s This Land of Ours Report.

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What’s the latest news from the agriculture innovation mission for climate? The US-United Arab Emirates co-chaired AIM for Climate Initiative sponsors a webinar the last week of September on the food systems and agriculture innovation agenda highlighting the upcoming United Nations COP 28 Ministerial. And as Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack noted at a recent foreign policy food forum:

“There’s a deadline. We’re submitting the next Iteration of Innovation Sprints September 29 It’s also the deadline for new government partnerships. We have 53 countries that are now participating in AIM for Climate. We want to make sure that additional partners get their willingness to join with us prior to September 29,” Secretary Vilsack said.


Dialogue on innovations and progress continues about getting for climate partners. According to UAE Minister for Climate Change and the Environment Miriam Almheiri.

“To be able to share and say we’ve got this innovation here we’ve got the seed that works here. This is for me the true essence of what AIM for Climate is all about,” she said.

Rod Bain reporting for the US Department of Agriculture in Washington, DC.

Deadlines Approaching for AIM for Climate Components