Grocery Prices Stabilizing, Dining Out Cost Rising

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The cost of eating at home is stabilizing, but dining out may cost more. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

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The latest information from the USDA says that rise in grocery prices that we’ve been feeling is leveling off, and looks to be stable for the rest of the year. However, experts say the cost of eating out is rising faster than food at the grocery store.

“Food away from home as prices have continued to grow faster than food at home prices. We are looking at an expected price increase of seven-point five percent,” said USDA economist Matt MacLachlan. “For food away from home with a prediction interval between seven- and seven-point nine percent. It’s substantially lower for food at home, where we’re seeing a four-point nine percent increase for food at home prices.”

One cost that may go up at the grocery stores is beef, due to a lower supply of cattle.

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Grocery Prices Stabilizing, Dining Out Cost Rising

Sabrina Halvorson
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