Crop Insurance Premium Benefit Available for Cover Crops

Dan Cover Crops, Crop Insurance, Economy

crop insurance
Cover crop of young sprouts of legumes.

Producers who have coverage under most crop insurance policies are eligible for a premium benefit from the USDA if they planted cover crops during the 2022 crop year. Producers must report their cover crop acreage by March 15 if they want to receive the benefit from this year’s Pandemic Cover Crop Program. PCCP helps farmers maintain their cover crop systems despite the financial challenges posed by COVID-19.

“Cultivating cover crops requires a sustained, long-term investment, and the economic challenges of the pandemic made it financially challenging for many producers to maintain cover crop systems,” says RMA Administrator Marcia Bunger. “Producers use cover crops for a variety of agronomic benefits, and this program will reduce producers’ overall premium bill to help ensure they can continue this climate-smart agricultural practice.”


PCCP was first offered in 2021, and producers with crop insurance received $59.5 million in premium subsidies for 12.2 million acres of cover crops.

(From the National Association of Farm Broadcasters)