Hoping to Restore Trade Relations with China

Dan Exports/Imports, Trade


Trade issues have been a concern for many in agriculture for quite some time, especially with what has been taking place between the U.S. and China. It was back in April when the National Cotton Council (NCC) joined with more than 40 other agricultural organizations in writing a letter to President Trump regarding the trade situation with China. And NCC Vice President of Washington Operations, Reece Langley, says restoring trade relations with China is something they are still focused on.

Earlier this week on Twitter, President Trump offered an optimistic view of trade talks with China proclaiming, “We are doing very well in our negotiations with China.” This past weekend, new tariffs were enacted by the U.S. and China, yet negotiators from China may still visit the U.S. this month. A spokesperson for China’s Foreign Affairs Ministry said, “What matters the most at this moment is creating necessary conditions for ongoing consultations.”