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This is the Farm Bill

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farm billWhether it is farm to table or field to fork, Americans have options when it comes to the food we eat. Options that provide us with unparalleled variety and access to the lowest cost food in the world.

Every day, constant innovation and advancements in technology are making it easier and more affordable for Americans to access the food our families need to stay happy and healthy. America’s farmers and ranchers are feeding more people with fewer resources than ever before, and are making conscious decisions to keep agriculture sustainable for generations to come.

None of this is by accident. Our nation’s food security depends on strong agricultural policy that provides stability for America’s farmers and ranchers; protects our land and natural resources; develops new trade opportunities while leveling the playing field for our producers; strengthens rural communities; and helps Americans of all stripes access the nutritious foods they need to keep their families healthy. This is America’s food policy. This is the Farm Bill.

Video by: House Agriculture Committee

Voices include: Subcommittee Chairman Rick Crawford (AR-1); Subcommittee Chairman Rodney Davis (IL-13); Chairman K. Michael Conaway (TX-11); Subcommittee Chairman Frank Lucas (OK-4); Vice-Chairman Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson (PA-5); Subcommittee Chairman David Rouzer (NC-7); Subcommittee Chairman Austin Scott (GA-8)