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buy localCathy Isom has some important reasons why you should buy local when it comes to your favorite produce. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Sure, the one-stop shopping can be convenient, but not if you’re looking for fresh, local produce. You won’t always find local fresh fruits and veggies at those big box chain stores. And with all of the handling involved, your food may not even be considered fresh when you finally get it home.

Reason # 1 Why buying local is important. Check out the roadside stands or Farmer’s Markets because you’re probably only about a few miles or more from where the produce is grown.You might also try finding a farm where you can pick your own fruit and veggies, and include the whole family in the fun.

Reason # 2 to buy local. Less packaging is involved. Which means less trash ending up in landfills or even worse, the ocean.

Reason # 3  Buying local helps the local economy.

When you buy local, it stays local. Buying local helps support your neighbors, whether you are buying a product from the farmers’ market or using a local business. This kind of support can help local business to improve their products and services. They may be able to invest in rigid setup boxes or Packaging Label Creation services to improve their packaging or use eco-friendly materials to produce their products.

Reason # 4 to buy local. When you know where your food comes from, you’re more likely to make healthier choices for yourself and your family.

Reason # 5 Buying local is actually better for the planet. We already covered the part about reduced waste from packaging, but it also reduces the use of fossil fuels. Because food won’t have to travel from across the country, in some cases, to reach its destination.

Reason # 6 to buy local – in most cases, you get to meet the farmers producing your food.  And maybe the most important reason of all to buy local It can help you save money. You can put your huge savings in the best shariah junior isa for your kids.

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