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Census of Agriculture Coming Soon

Dan Alabama, Census of Agriculture, Florida, Georgia

Farmers across the country will soon be receiving forms for the 2017 Census of Agriculture. The Department of Agriculture’s National Ag Statistics Service says farmers and ranchers should start seeing those forms in about seven weeks. Conducted once every five years, the census of agriculture is a complete count of all U.S. farms, ranches, and those who operate them. And …


Agri View: 2017 Farm Census

Dan Agri View

Everett Griner talks about 2017 Farm Census is now underway in today’s Agri View.     Well, it is time for a Census of Agriculture. We do a new census every 5 years. Why so frequently? Well, this is the only source of information, comprehensive and impartial data, which covers every county in the nation. So, who uses it? Well, …