Conaway Ready For Farm Bill Work

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House Agriculture Committee Chair Mike Conaway is ready to get rolling on the farm bill in 2018. Politico also mentioned he’s not worried about a push to overhaul welfare potentially making the process more complicated. The Republican from Texas is optimistic about keeping things on track and getting a floor vote scheduled by March. A working draft of the bill …


House Agriculture Committee Launches Farm Bill Landing Page

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Ahead of the 2018 Farm Bill, House Agriculture Committee Chairman K. Michael Conaway (TX-11) today announced the launch of a new online resource which can be accessed through the committee’s current website, This landing page is designed to provide updates and information related to the 2018 Farm Bill. Following its launch, Chairman Conaway offered the below remarks: “I’m committed to completing a …

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Farm Bill Coming Early Next Year

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House Agriculture Committee leadership says the 2018 farm bill should be ready to move in the first quarter of next year. House Agriculture Committee Ranking Member Collin Peterson told the Red River Farm Network that markup on the bill will begin at the end of January, or the first part of February. A spokesperson for Committee Chairman Mike Conaway could …

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Farm Bill Near Ready Status

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A lobbyist close to the farm bill effort told the Hagstrom Report this week that the House Agriculture Committee staff is close to being done preparing the bill for consideration. However, the lobbyist says Chairman Mike Conaway will likely keep the bill “under lock and key” until House leadership guarantees floor time for the legislation. That points to the bill …

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Conaway Supports House Guest Worker Bill

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House Agriculture Committee Chairman Mike Conaway offered his approval to a bill that would bring reforms to agriculture labor. Wednesday, the House Judiciary Committee approved the Ag Act, which supporters say would replace the flawed H-2A guestworker program. Conaway says the bill would help provide farmers with access to a legal, steady supply of workers. Saying it’s time for a …

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Conaway on 2018 Farm Bill

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The House Agriculture Committee has hosted various farm bill listening sessions across the country to get input from farmers and ranchers on what they would like to see in the next farm bill. Committee Chairman Mike Conaway says a draft of the 2018 Farm Bill could come up before the full House of Representatives yet this year, or early next.


Conaway Speaks on Disaster Relief in New Farm Bill

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The House Agriculture Committee recently held its sixth and final Farm Bill listening session in upstate New York. Committee Chair Mike Conaway said the listening session in New York, along with the other five sessions, were invaluable to the committee as it looks toward developing a new Farm Bill. Disaster recovery programs are a big part of the Farm Bill. …


California Hosts Farm Bill Listening Session

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The fourth Farm Bill listening session took place this past Saturday, this time in Modesto, California. House Agriculture Committee Chairman Michael Conaway, along with several members of the committee, were on hand to hear from farmers and ranchers in that part of the country. One topic discussed was the Market Access Program (MAP), and afterward, Conaway was asked how that …