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National Chicken Council Calls on FDA to Take Measures to Alleviate Egg Prices

Dan Economy, Eggs, National Chicken Council (NCC), Poultry

(Washington, D.C.) — Avian influenza’s outbreak and subsequent high egg prices have caused the poultry industry to research a policy that forces the broiler industry (broilers are chickens raised for meat) to destroy perfectly nutritious and safe eggs. The National Chicken Council (NCC) petitioned FDA to reverse or modify this policy on Thursday. “In light of the pressure the current HPAI outbreak is …


Wings on the Menu for the Big Game

Dan National Chicken Council (NCC), Poultry, This Land of Ours

While typically its barbecue in Kansas City and cheesesteaks in Philly, when it comes to the Super Bowl, the wing is still king. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours. The National Chicken Council (NCC) this week released its annual Chicken Wing Report, projecting Americans to consume a record-breaking 1.45 billion chicken wings during Super Bowl LVII weekend. This …


NCC Releases Most Comprehensive Guidelines for Poultry Care

Dan National Chicken Council (NCC), Poultry

The National Chicken Council (NCC) developed the NCC Broiler Welfare Guidelines and Audit Checklist in 1999. The goal was to help poultry producers show consumers that all of the birds were being treated with respect and properly cared for during their lives. NCC recently published its 2023 update of the NCC Broiler Welfare Guidelines, which are more robust than ever before and …

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Poultry Industry Releases Economic Impact Study

Dan Economy, Eggs, National Chicken Council (NCC), Poultry

The U.S. Poultry and Egg Association, National Chicken Council, National Turkey Federation and United Egg Producers recently released an updated economic impact study. The study highlights the poultry industry’s positive impact on jobs, wages, and federal and state revenue in the United States. A dynamic and integral part of the national economy, the U.S. poultry industry provides more than two …


NCC Says FSIS’s New Salmonella Framework Lacks Data, Research

Dan National Chicken Council (NCC), Poultry, USDA-FSIS

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) recently announced a new regulatory framework in an effort to reduce Salmonella illnesses associated with poultry products. FSIS said it would be proposing three components, (1) Requiring incoming flocks be tested for Salmonella before entering an establishment; (2) Enhancing establishment process control monitoring and FSIS verification; (3) Implementing an …


USDA Takes Action to Prevent Salmonella in Poultry Products

Dan National Chicken Council (NCC), Poultry

The USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service announced it will declare Salmonella as an adulterant in breaded and stuffed raw chicken products. “Food safety is at the heart of everything,” says Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack. “This is an important first step in launching a broader initiative to reduce Salmonella illnesses associated with poultry in the U.S.” By declaring Salmonella an …


Survey: Consumers Rely on Chicken Even as Inflation Affects Prices

Dan Economy, National Chicken Council (NCC), Poultry

A new survey presented by the National Chicken Council (NCC) and WATT Global Media shows while consumers average rating for their current financial situation is in the middle between “poor” and “excellent,” 87 percent are buying more or the same amount of fresh chicken now compared to six months ago. The study, presented this week during the 2022 Chicken Marketing Summit in …