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Ground Cover that Stays Green in the Winter

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Ground cover that stays green in the winter. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

ground cover
From a stone terrace off the kitchen of the main residence, the forest walk leads to a detached studio behind the house. Keane used mondo grass liberally throughout the garden, in two varieties: standard mondo grass (as shown around the base of the Japanese maple at front), and a dwarf variety between the pathway stones.

Not all groundcovers are green in winter; some have burgundy, yellow or variegated colors. But these low-growing plants won’t quit when the mercury drops.

Although deer will eat almost any plant if they’re hungry, they tend to leave Celtic Pride Siberian Cypress alone. Brass Buckle is a dwarf Japanese holly with glossy, yellow-green foliage that stays colorful all year. White Album euonymus covers the ground with mounds of low-growing, evergreen leaves all winter.


Groundcovers don’t just provide color and interest in winter; they can also help control erosion and suppress weeds that try to sprout when the weather warms up. Creeping Thyme is rugged enough to walk on and releases a pleasant scent when crushed. Old-fashioned candytuft Snowflake stays green all winter; in spring, a carpet of low-growing, white flowers appear. And, slow-growing, “no-mowing” dwarf mondo grass is a tough, evergreen groundcover that tolerates shade and needs little water.

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