NCC Encouraging Producers to Report Disaster Losses

Dan Cotton, Economy


Photo courtesy of the Georgia Department of Agriculture

To better assess the damages and economic losses caused by recent hurricanes, the National Cotton Council (NCC) is encouraging industry members to use a form on its website to provide information for their farming operation or business. Industry members are encouraged to provide information concerning storm damage incurred by either Hurricane Florence or Hurricane Michael, and a brief summary of yield impacts.

Information can be summarized by providing either pre- and post-Michael/Florence yields or losses in either pounds or percentage of yield. Please also indicate the number of cotton acres by practice, irrigated or non-irrigated. NCC is also looking for producers to specify the total production costs in dollars per acre invested in the crop up to this point. If the farming operation includes both irrigated and non-irrigated acres, please provide separate estimates for each practice.

The NCC also would like information concerning other damages, including to other crops, farm structures, equipment or infrastructure. Downstream impacts, either in physical damage or economic losses, to gins, warehouses and other cotton-related business are also requested.