Southeast AgNET

A multi-media enterprise dedicated to “deep southeast” agriculture…

The Team

Gary Cooper


Robin Loftin

Co-Owner/Vice President

Sabrina Hill-Wilcox

News Director-AgNet Media Radio Networks

Taylor Hillman

Operations Manager, AgNet Media / Asst. News Director AgNet West

Josh McGill

Assistant Operations Manager / Digital Services Coordinator

Randall Weiseman

News Director & Affiliate Relations, Southeast AgNet Radio Network

Daniel Lee

Radio/Web Distribution Manager

Tacy Callies

Editor, Citrus Industry magazine / Print Projects Coordinator

Ernie Neff

Senior Correspondent at Large

Wayne Smith

Graphics & Design

Marc Hook


Bob Guerriere

Senior Business Development Manager

Ron Linkous

Business Development Manager

Kelly Linkous

Administrative Assistant

Kelsey Fry

Reporter / Writer / Digital Services Assistant

Aria Wilcox

Networks Assistant

Everett Griner

Agri View Commentary

Tyron Spearman

Peanut News Specialist

Carlos Torres

Computer Systems Analyst and Consultant

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