Agri View: Trade, Politics Impacting Farm Jobs

Dan Agri View, Trade

Everett Griner talks about how trade and politics directly impacting jobs on the farm, and farming in today’s Agri View. Trade, Politics Impacting Farm Jobs The uncertainty of the future of NAFTA has a lot of people, besides farmers, concerned. If you look at the current structure, and the possibilities, you can see why. An estimated 21 million jobs are …


Agri View: Agriculture Problems

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Everett Griner talks about birds can be added to the list of problems facing farmers along with insects and diseases in today’s Agri View. Agriculture Problems Well, no matter where you live you if you plant a crop you will have to fight bugs and diseases to raise it. Many crops attract other destructive creatures. Texas has the Planthopper. A …

imported organics

Agri View: Imported Organics

Dan Agri View, Organic

Everett Griner talks about how unreliable imported organics really are in today’s Agri View. Imported Organics Organic farming has become a well known phrase in today’s world. From it’s start a little more than a decade ago, it has grown continuously with more producers and more consumers. Now, we are learning that there are products being sold, as organic, that …

agriculture weather

Agri View: Agriculture Weather

Dan Agri View, Weather

Everett Griner talks about how costly 2017 was to agriculture due to weather damage in today’s Agri View. Agriculture Weather Well, first it was Irma, then a very unusual snowfall, that caused farmers in the southeast heavily. The major damage was to the fruit and vegetable crops. But, other sectors of agriculture were also impacted. Few people are aware that …

meat prices

Agri View: Meat Prices Increasing

Dan Agri View, Beef

Everett Griner talks about the reasons for meat prices increasing in the grocery store in today’s Agri View. Meat Prices Increasing Now the cost you pay for a T-Bone steak, or a chuck roast, does not begin with the growers profit. It is there. But the true cost is based on where the cost of production begins, and where it …