Additional Commodities Eligible for Coronavirus Food Assistance Program

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Applications for New Commodities Accepted Beginning July 13 Washington, D.C., July 9, 2020 – Today, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue announced an initial list of additional commodities that have been added to the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP), and that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) made other adjustments to the program based on comments received from agricultural producers and …

Hemp Growers Looking to Establish Checkoff

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The National Industrial Hemp Council and the Hemp Industries Association entered into an agreement to look into the possibility of establishing a marketing checkoff program for hemp. “Today is another step forward in the right direction for hemp farmers and consumers of hemp-related products,” says Patrick Atagi (Ah-TAH-gee), board chair of NIHC. “A checkoff program would further legitimize a rapidly …


Growing a Unique Edible Grass with a Sharp, Peppery Flavor

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Growing a unique edible grass with a sharp, peppery flavor. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours. Peppergrass is a common plant; you might have it growing on your property without knowing it! It’s often treated as a weed because it grows and spreads rapidly. Peppergrass, also known as least pepperwort or Virginia pepperweed, is part of the mustard …

georgia produce safety

Georgia Produce Safety Program Inspections Underway Again

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During COVID-19, the Georgia Produce Safety Program, through the Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA), suspended many of its normal activities. But according to Education and Outreach Associate, Elizabeth Danforth, some of those have started back up again. In following Governor Kemp’s guidelines, Danforth said that as of last week they started doing inspections again. And Elizabeth notes they’ve also started …

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Popular Cooking Oil That Boasts Healthful Benefits

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On todays This Land of Ours program, Cathy Isom lets you know what a recent study is revealing about a popular cooking oil that boasts healthful benefits. Consumer demand is rising for all things avocado, including oil made from the fruit. Avocado oil is a great source of vitamins, minerals and the type of fats associated with reducing the risk …

Whiteflies Not Yet on Alabama Farmers’ Radar

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By Clint Thompson Whiteflies have already been reported in Georgia vegetables this spring. They are not currently on Alabama’s radar, however. Alabama Extension Entomologist Ron Smith said as cotton continues to be planted, the focus right now is managing grasshoppers and thrips. Their focus will turn to whiteflies in early July. “I knew they overwintered at some level over there …