Trump Wants Produce Dumping Protection in NAFTA 2.0

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As NAFTA renegotiations begin on Wednesday, U.S. negotiators are planning to introduce a proposal aimed at making it easier for produce growers to bring potential anti-dumping cases against Mexico. Politico’s Morning Ag Report says that’s a move that will make Southeast growers happy, but it could also fuel criticism of the Trump administration’s protectionism. The proposal would make it easier …


USDA Calls for Nominations for the Fruit and Vegetable Industry Advisory Committee

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture is seeking nominations to fill vacancies expiring in 2017 on the Fruit and Vegetable Industry Advisory Committee (FVIAC). FVIAC, administered by USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service, was established by USDA in 2001. Members of the committee meet up to two times a year to develop recommendations on issues affecting the U.S. produce industry. Committee members represent …


UF Scientists Work on the ‘Essence’ of Better-Tasting Tomato Juice

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If you’re yearning for a better-tasting tomato juice, University of Florida scientists in their labs, working on satisfying your palette. Essence, usually extracted from a plant to add flavor or provide a scent, according to a new UF/IFAS study, can be used to improve juice flavor. Using volatile capture, UF/IFAS scientists obtained the essence from the tomatoes, said Paul Sarnoski, …

UF Scientists Trying to Control Avocado Pathogen

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University of Florida experts are trying to find ways to prevent Laurel Wilt, the pathogen endangering the state’s $100 million-a-year avocado industry, from spreading. They recently took their data to California to talk with scientists, growers, and regulators there. AgNet Media’s Taylor Hillman talked with Jonathan Crane, UF/IFAS professor of horticultural sciences and tropic fruit extension specialist, about the disease …


“Good-Guy” Fungus to Take on Killer of Oaks and Ornamental Crops

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A beneficial soil fungus could offer a bio-based approach to battling Phytophthora ramorum, a pathogen that kills oaks, other tree species, and woody ornamentals. BioWorks, Inc. of Victor, New York, is collaborating with Agricultural Research Service (ARS) plant pathologist Tim Widmer to commercially formulate the fungus, Trichoderma asperellum. The species is a mycoparasite, meaning it attacks and kills other fungi, including P. ramorum, a fungus-like …