Poisonous Plants in the Home

Jim Rogers This Land of Ours

Houseplants add color, beauty, and life to our homes, but some plants should be grown with a little extra caution. Some plants are more toxic than others. Poisonous houseplants can cause skin irritations, stomach upsets, and burning of the mouth and throat.  Use care when growing and displaying these common poisonous plants in your home. Many spring bulbs, including hyacinths and …


You Should Keep a Garden Journal

Jim Rogers This Land of Ours

Jotting down notes about the weather and keeping track of when your flowers bloom will help you enjoy your landscape more. When you start recording these botanical events, you’ll notice natural patterns from year to year. This info can help you choose plants and figure out when to time gardening chores, such as when to jump on those spring weeds. …

feed ducks

Plants You Can Grow to Feed Ducks

Jim Rogers This Land of Ours

Ducks are versatile eaters that will happily munch on all kinds of food. Some basic options include bird seed, chicken feed, cracked corn, bugs, fruits & vegetables, grains, and supplements. But if you’re interested in being more self-sustaining on your homestead, you can grow your own duck feed.  Such as duckweed, it survives throughout the winter. It will merely go …

Common Diseases that Can Dampen Your Summer Tomato Crops

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The tomato plant disease known as late blight occurs during periods of cool, rainy weather that may come at the end of a growing season. It looks almost like frost damage on leaves, causing irregular green-black splotches. Fruits may have large, irregular-shaped brown blotches that quickly become rotten. This tomato plant disease fungus also affects potatoes and can be transferred …

Tomato Plant Diseases to Watch Out for this Summer

Jim Rogers This Land of Ours

Nothing will ruin a tomato crop plant than diseases like leaf spots and blights that can pop up and ruin your garden party. Don’t let these potential problems scare you away, though. Growing healthy tomato plants is relatively simple when you plant disease-resistant varieties, space plants properly, mulch, and water at least 1 inch per week. Septoria leaf spots is …

flower bed

Building a New Flower Bed

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A new flower bed offers you the chance to get creative and fill it with whatever you can imagine. When you’re starting from scratch, there are a few things to consider first. Here are the questions you need to answer:  Where will it go? How much will sunlight will it get? What’s the soil like? Once you’ve chosen a site, …


Plants that Thrive in Your Garden, No Matter What

Jim Rogers This Land of Ours

Add a little flower power to your garden this year with some tough as nails hardy perennial bloomers.  Practically indestructible, daylilies will flower profusely in almost any sunny spot. They are drought and insect resistant and offer a wide range of colors and bi-colors. Epimediums, also called barrenwort, is one of the best shade perennials that provides a ground cover …

garden weeds

Pet Friendly Ways to Eliminate Weeds

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Weeds are inevitable in the yard and garden. Unfortunately, many of the chemicals marketed to combat them can be harmful to the health of your pets if they are not used carefully. Even so-called environmentally friendly or natural herbicides are capable of injury if used improperly. Before you waste time, effort, and money on products that don’t work or that …

Protect Your Garden from a Heatwave

Jim Rogers This Land of Ours

Summer heat is stressful for all plants from vegetable plants to your grass. During a heatwave there are a few problems that could happen in the garden. All of the moisture in the soil can evaporate, leading to plants wilting and, potentially, dying. The scorching sun can burn your plants, especially after you water and leave droplets behind. And, high …