Cultivating Shallots from Your Garden

Dan This Land of Ours, Vegetables

Cathy Isom has a few great tips for you today about growing, and cultivating your own shallots . That’s coming up on This Land of Ours. If you’ve grown onions, you’ll have no problem cultivating shallots. These gourmet onion-like veggies resemble small onions. Cook them, and they’ll infuse a delicate onion flavor into whatever dish you’re cooking. While shallots and …


Utilizing the Three-Sisters Planting Method

Dan This Land of Ours

While there are many different types of companion planting, this method has been used for centuries by the Iroquois indians. Cathy Isom explains the Three- Sisters Planting method. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.  The three-sisters planting technique utilizes corn, climbing beans, and squash. Each plant serves a purpose in this design. The corn provides support, the climbing …

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High Efficient Lighting for the Farm

Dan Energy, This Land of Ours

Cathy Isom tells us about the high efficient way ag producers have to light up the farm. Photo: Cultivation of fresh herbs and pepper with red and blue LEDs. Using special LED equipment in rooms without light and in greenhouses. LEDs with a wavelength of 630nm, 660nm, 440nm, 445nm, 430nm,d blue leds. The basil is grown without daylight, the leds …