SE Climate Consortium Has Info For Growers

Randall Weiseman General, Weather

Being aware of how seasonal weather patterns might affect specific commodities can help growers make better decisions from year to year and the Southeast Climate Consortium helps growers in this part of the country do just that. Report (1:30 wma)

UF IFAS Canker and Greening Research Update

Dan Citrus

 In this week’s “Ask the Citrus Expert” feature, UF/IFAS/CREC Director Dr Harold Browning discusses the status of canker and greening research getting underway here in Florida.  He says information already existing around the world is saving much time in the process, and that University personnel are spending a good deal of time and effort right now working with fresh packers …

USDA Radio Report regarding Grapefruit Purchase

Dan Citrus

USDA radio reporters included this report on their national newsline Tuesday, about the recent confirmation that USDA plans to buy millions of gallons of grapefruit juice for government feeding programs.  Report (1:00 wma)

FL Ag and Business Leaders Want Amendment 3 to Pass!

Dan Cattle, Citrus, Florida, General, Livestock, Pork, Sugar, Vegetables

In this Juice News report, Gary Cooper has comments from Mark Wilson of the Florida Chamber about why agriculture folks want Amendment 3 to pass.  ALso in this report, a brief follow up with comments from Indian River Citrus League about USDA’s planned purchase of millions of gallons of Florida grapefruit juice, which should help stabalize prices for growers.  Report (1:00 wma)

Florida Ag Wants Amendment 3 to Pass!

Dan Citrus, Florida, General

Agriculture people in Florida are fed up with needless and inappropriate amendments being made to the state constitution, things like pig crate amendments that make Florida a laughing stock nationwide.  BUT there are people who like being able to snow the public into voting for amendments that voters often don’t understand.  At the last minute we heard about millions of dollars coming …

USDA Buys Grapefruit Juice

Dan Citrus

With grapefruit juice inventories at their highest levels in memory for the start of a season, Florida grapefruit growers are elated that USDA has confirmed purchase of millions of pounds of grapefruit juice right here at the start of the harvest season. As Indian River Citrus League’s Doug BOurnique states in this report, it should mean more stable prices for …